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Developmental Educators


Developmental Educators are qualified professionals who specialise in working with people with disability using a human rights framework to achieve full and effective inclusion and participation in society.


Developmental Educators consider the whole person and their sociocultural context. Practice centres on the lived experience, needs, goals and aspirations of people with disability.

Developmental educators collaborate with people with disability to promote inclusion and address attitudinal and environmental barriers. They do so by employing a range of professional and technical skills including applying developmental, behavioural, learning and social theories; assessing the person and their environment; collaborative planning and goal setting; teaching skills through evidence based instructional strategies; supporting life transitions; programming, monitoring and evaluation; advocacy; community education; and capacity building.

Jo is a current member of the industry association, Developmental Educators Australia Incorporated (DEAI).  

Developmental Educators Australia Inc (DEAI) is the professional association representing the unique, diverse and dynamic profession of Developmental Education. Developmental Educators are multi-disciplinary disability professionals, having completed a professional practice degree in disability studies.

The Associa
tion is a wealth of information about Developmental Education, including the Scope of Practice. 

Developmental Educator Services include:​

  • ​Skill Development

    • life skills

    • social skills

    • self-care

    • transition planning

    • goal setting

  • Developmental assessments

  • Family Support

  • Professional development and mentoring

All supports are tailored to the needs of each individual.


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