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Early Childhood Support Services

We know that early childhood is critical and sets the foundation for how children develop. That is why it is important that children with developmental delays and disabilities receive specialised supports in their early years.

Early Intervention Specialist Teacher 

Baby with Hearing Aid

Early intervention specialist teachers work alongside the adults in a child’s life, such as parents, teachers, and health specialists, to better understand the child’s strengths and interests, behaviour, current presentation, and support needs.

Early intervention specialist teachers create opportunities to enhance development through play and help embed therapy into a child’s routines.

They build parental capacity through modelling and coaching and can assist with behaviour management support and the transition to centre and school-based learning.

Early intervention specialist teachers bring a broad understanding of child development to a transdisciplinary team. This knowledge and insight is essential when understanding age-appropriate milestones, assessing development and setting realistic goals.

NDIS Key Worker

A key worker is an early childhood intervention professional who acts as the key point of contact for young children living with developmental delay, disability and autism, and their families.

With qualifications in allied health or education, the key worker is also the main therapy provider who collaborates in a team but takes the lead role in providing support across all the areas that your child needs to achieve their goals.

This means you get to access a range of specialists but therapy is delivered in a personalised, family-centred way through one highly qualified professional called your key worker.


Early Intervention Groups

Child Activity

Early Intervention Groups can support children to develop their skills in a non-threatening environment. 

Benefits include

  • improved language and communication

  • building social skills

  • fine and gross motor skills, balance and coordination 

Sing and Move program coming soon


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