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Functional Capacity Assessments

Functional Capacity Assessments for NDIS participants ensure that they have the right level of support and funding to achieve their goals.

Developmental Directions conducts person centered NDIS Functional Capacity Assessment services.  These are provided at the request of the participant, family member, advocate, Local Area Coordinator (LAC) or other involved party.

We provide:

  • Functional Capacity Assessments

  • Supported Disability Accommodation Assessments (SDA)

  • Supported Independent Living Assessments (SIL)

A Functional Capacity Evaluation or Assessment can assist with ensuring participants have the right level of support and NDIS funding to achieve their goals and needs, so the participant can get more out of life today.

Our approach is to ensure the purpose and scope of the assessment is clear and undertaken in the environment selected by the participant within the timeframe agreed upon.

As a Developmental Educator, Jo is trained to ensure she conducts objective assessments using standardised measures where required. They take into account the individual’s function, support and their daily living, vocational and community abilities, and aspirations.

Assessments include the face-to-face component, communication with involved parties (where there is consent and a requirement) and a report that is provided to the participant and the NDIA. The process will assist with decisions made regarding the type and level of funding and support under an NDIS plan.

Assessments can be a full Functional Capacity Assessment across all domains (usually 8 - 12 hours) or a partial report that addresses specific domains (usually 6 - 8 hours).  SIL or SDA assessments and reports will usually take an additional 15 - 20 hours each.



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